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Sthlm Stadshuset m flaggaStockholm Visitor’s Guide

This is the site where you can find nearly everything you need to know as a tourist in Stockholm:

Guided boat tours

During the period of April-December we highly recommend a 1 to 2 hour guided boat tour under the bridges of

Bus tours

Guided bus tours that often include visits to the Royal Castle, the City Hall or the Vasa Museum, are available throughout the year:

Boat tours in the archipelago and Lake Mälaren

If you so only have one night or one day off in Stockholm, you cannot miss our archipelago. It consists of 24,000 islands, of which only 3,000 are inhabited. Take a short trip of only a few hours, preferably during the evening with dinner onboard, to this unique place in the world.

Choose Strömma Kanalbolaget if you prefer travelling by a steamboat or a boat from the turn of the century:

Choose Cinderellabåtarna if you want to see the whole archipelago, at 30 knots per hour, in only a few hours:

Shopping in the city

Here are some good links to great shopping in Stockholm city centre.

NK is an exclusive department store:

Sturegallerian is a stylish mall in the middle of the hottest district in town:

Gallerian is one of the first malls in Sweden:

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