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Jernkontoret is the Swedish steel producers’ association and represents the interests of the Swedish steel industry in all matters except the labour market. Its first by-laws were approved in 1747 by King Fredrik I. This makes Jernkontoret Sweden’s oldest trade association and one of the oldest in Europe.

Jernkontoret is a corporation under public law with private ownership and is linked to the individual steelworks and not to specific persons or companies.

These by-laws required Jernkontoret to work for reasonable prices for various types of iron and facilitate financing of the iron trade by paying the interest on loans granted by the Bank of Sweden weighed iron. In time, all Swedish ironworks joined Jernkontoret. The partnership of an ironworks cannot be redeemed and is cancelled only if production is discontinued or the partnership is transferred to another works involved in iron production.
During its first year Jernkontoret started the advisory service and technical research activities that have substantially contributed to its central position within the Swedish iron and steel industry.

Jernkontoret looks after the interests of the Swedish steel industry in the broadest sense. It represents the industry on issues that ensure the industry’s competitiveness and vitality in key areas where its valued-added products can be sold profitably. At a time when the climate issue dominates the political agenda it is important to highlight the steel industry as part of the solution with products that allow for lighter, stronger and more durable structures.

Jernkontoret is also the head for the Nordic joint steel research, consisting of 14 Technical Committees and 100 Working Groups, with 600 people from steel industry, research centres and universities involved.

Moreover, our industry’s extensive investments in research to minimise carbon-dioxide emissions deserves to be made known to a wider public. Sweden’s steel industry can justifiably claim to be not only the most specialised and export-orientated in Europe but also one of the most environmentally sensitive.

Jernkontoret’s Technical Committee on Powder Metallurgy

The Technical Committee on Powder Metallurgy (TO 80) within Jernkontoret is a group of Swedish companies active in powder metallurgy. It covers a broad spectrum of PM competence as the member companies are involved in one or more fields of this technique, powder manufacturing, compacting, sintering etc. Also end users of PM products, i.e. component producers, as well as some major Swedish universities and research institutes belong to this group.

A strong focus of Jernkontoret’s TO 80 is put on facilitation of material development and product design by encouraging collaborative work between producers and users of PM material. TO 80 offers a wide networking base for its member companies as well as for researchers and students in the field of PM.

Members of TO 80 are:
AGA Gas, Sundbyberg
Carpenter Powder Products, Torshälla
Erasteel Kloster, Söderfors
FJ Sintermetal, Huskvarna
Husqvarna, Huskvarna
Höganäs Sweden, Högnäs
Sandvik Heating Technology, Hallstahammar
Uddeholm, Hagfors
Volvo Group Trucks Technology, Göteborg
Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg
SIS, Swedish Standards Institute
Swerea KIMAB, Kista

Chairman of the committee is Henrik Karlsson from Volvo Group Trucks Technology and responsible research manager is Robert Vikman, Jernkontoret who is also a member of the HIP ’14 Local Organising Committee.

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