Call for Full Papers

The full papers for both oral and poster presentations will be published in the Proceedings. The authors are therefore kindly asked to submit a full paper by 15 January 2014.

Full Paper Guidelines (PDF)

Submission of your paper for publication in the conference proceedings implies that the paper is free of copyright charges. If parts of the paper (e.g. figures, tables) already have been published elsewhere, the paper must be accompanied by the appropriate copyright clearance.
The copyright for the papers belongs to one of the organisers, the International HIP committee. The other organiser, Jernkontoret, has the right to publish the papers in any form and use them for marketing purpose of the conference.

Your full paper must be sent before January 15, 2014 as a PDF document to:
Please indicate the abstract number in the subject field
of your email: “HIP ’14 Full paper 140605xxxx

To enable us to include your paper in the proceedings, please follow the instructions below.
– size: A4 (297 x 210 mm) and margins: Top: 2.5 cm, Bottom: 2 cm, Left: 2.5 cm, Right: 2 cm
– the number of pages should not exceed 14 (illustrations and list of references included)
– the paper shall be structured as follows:

Title of the paper:
Arial Bold 12 pt

Authors names and companies/affiliations
Arial, italic 10 pt

Arial 10 pt

Arial 10 pt

Full text (Introduction, Content and Conclusion)
– Headlines 1 in Arial 12 pt. bold
– Level 2 in Arial 10 pt. bold
– Level 3 in Arial 10 pt. but not bold
– Body type in Arial 10 pt. (Body type shall not be in columns)

Pictures and tables
All pictures and tables shall be embedded in the text with high resolution (300 dpi).
Figure text in Arial 10 pt.

In Arial 10 pt.
Do not give references as footnotes, but in a list after the text


For questions regarding:
Administration of full paper, please contact
Annette Wennberg, MCI
+46 8 54 65 16 13

Technical content of the full paper, please contact
Adeline Riou, the Programme Chairman
+33 1 45 38 63 62

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