Photo: Åke Lindman/Clarion Hotel SignThe International HIP Committee (IHC), Jernkontoret and its Technical Committee on Powder Metallurgy are pleased to invite you to the 11th International Conference of Hot Isostatic Pressing, HIP ’14 in Stockholm, Sweden 9–13 June 2014.

Invitation and Preliminary programm

Hot Isostatic Pressing, HIP, technology has established
itself in the past decades as a competitive and proven manufacturing process for the production of complex and massive components  made from a wide range of metals. These components are currently being used in highly demanding environments within the aerospace, oil and gas, power generation, medical and tooling industries. HIP technology is also used for diffusion bonding and casting densification, both well-established processes.

This conference is the successor to the 10th conference, HIP ’11, held in Kobe, Japan in April 2011, and thus number eleven in order, after the first conference held 25 years ago in Sweden 1987.

Taking place in Stockholm – the Venice of the north and one of the most beautiful cities in northern Europe – this conference will be an impressive gathering, which all HIP specialists should attend, as well as new users interested in the unique Near Net Shape capability & material performance offeredby HIP technology.

This triennial conference will focus on trends, developments and innovations in the field of Hot Isostatic Pressing technology and will cover topics such as material development, production of near net shape (NNS) components, part design and process modelling. Aspects related to powder metallurgy processing, diffusion bonding and part densification will also be included.

Each day of the conference will have a specific end user focus, starting from users viewpoints and covering specific material, modelling & HIP technology issues related in particular to:

– oil & gas,

– power generation,

– aerospace.

We are looking forward to meeting you at HIP14 conference in Stockholm.

LitenMashlStephen J. Mashl
Chairman of IHC


Bo-Erik Pers
President of Jernkontoret

LitenHjorthCarl-Gustaf Hjorth
HIP ‘14 Conference Chairman
Adeline Riou
HIP ‘14 Programme Chairman

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